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Tory right-to-work plan coming right back at you

If PC Leader Tim Hudak wins the job of premier, his right-to-work plan will be front and centre in the province’s rightward drift.

Toronto Star
January 23 2014

The place of organized labour in this province will be at the heart of the next general election. Ignore recent media speculation about whether Tory Leader Tim Hudak will or won’t take on big unions with his controversial “right to work” proposals.

Of course he will. Just ask him.

Wait — don’t ask Hudak just now, in the middle of a byelection in labour-friendly Niagara Falls where anti-union rhetoric doesn’t play well and local issues predominate. The Tory leader has been coy lately, dodging direct questions from reporters wondering why he’s not targeting labour in his proposed new Million Jobs Act.

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