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Hudak gets no traction

Ottawa Citizen
February 17, 2014

Two lessons can be drawn from the recent by-elections in the Ontario ridings of Niagara Falls and Thornhill: first, despite the switch from Premier Dalton McGuinty to Premier Kathleen Wynne, Ontario voters have not forgiven the provincial Liberals for their profligate and partisan spending ways; second, while the Conservatives held Thornhill, Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak has no electoral traction. In fact, the only party that benefitted from by-elections is the NDP.

I do not know Tim Hudak, have never met him, but he strikes me as a pleasant enough, intelligent man. At least some of the policies he has elaborated would be a decided improvement on what is offered by the other parties. It is not Hudak’s fault that Ontario is a financial basket-case; indeed he has done his best to propound solutions. So why, then, the almost visceral dislike of Hudak among the Ontario electorate?

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