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Hudak job cuts would hurt North

The Chronicle Journal
May 13, 2014

If Tim Hudak becomes Ontario’s next premier and follows through with his plan to hack the province’s pubic service by slashing a whopping 100,000 jobs, we can guess where the pain will be felt the most.

Hudak’s hatchet will likely come down hard on rank-and-file earners who toil in so-called “secondary” ministries like Natural Resources, while going light on provincial managers who rake in $200,000 or more. Municipal employees apparently are not beyond his plan, either.

The attention-grabbing pledge to eviscerate the public service yet again shows little imagination in terms of trying to staunch the province’s red ink, but it may play well with voters in southern Ontario urban ridings who do not spend much face-time with front-line provincial employees, or appreciate the work they do.

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