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Tim Hudak’s fear-based economic policy

Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak’s budget-balancing fanaticism is not based on anything actually there. It’s a fearful extrapolation of what might occur.

Toronto Star
May 15 2014

There’s an Alfred E. Newman quality about Tim Hudak, and I say that with great affection, speaking as one of Mad magazine’s early devotees. (My collection of vintage Mads perished in a cottage fire years ago.) The resemblance became clear on that subway ride that was cancelled because his aides lacked a permit, leaving Hudakgrinning manically in the back of the shot — and even then only after some genius added circus music to the footage and posted it on YouTube. He has to be saying, What, me worry?

What is Alfred/Tim not worrying about? He’s not worrying about explaining the reasoning on which his million jobs plan is based. He simply says: “The biggest thing we can do to actually create jobs in the province of Ontario is to balance the budget.” Uh-one, and uh-two and that’s it. How? Why? What’s the link?

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