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Hudak’s Math Doesn’t Add Up on Education

Tim Hudak needs to go back to primary school

The True North Times
May 25 2014

Knowledge is power, goes the common saying. But when it comes to policies about education, it seems that the Conservative politicians in Ontario are veering on a grade three comprehension level. One wonders if they passed the EQAO because under Hudak’s lead, they’re off the mark both literally and figuratively (probably near a D+).

The Progressive Conservatives led by Tim Hudak are raving mad, cutting everything in sight from taxes for the rich and apprenticeship practices (maybe even themselves from the election). Their education policies fair no better. At best, they’re an incision caused by the stroke of a blunt and broken butter knife. At worst, they’re a failed lesson taught in school: invest in education, and one invests in the future.

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