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Who are the 1.1 million public servants Tim Hudak is talking about?

PC leader Tim Hudak proposes cutting 100,000 of the 1.1 million Ontario public service workers.We look closer at the responsibilities of those 1.1 million

Donovan Vincent
Toronto Star
May 28 2014

The claim: Defending his plan to cut 100,000 Ontario public service jobs in four years, Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak recently said “but you know how many people are on the public payroll in Ontario today? 1.1 million.” Trimming 100,000 would return Ontario to 2009 levels, which is “fair, reasonable and balanced,” he said.
The background: Among his proposed cuts, Hudak says he would trim about 9,700 “non-teaching positions” in the education system, and shave the numbers of people employed within Ontario’s “hydro bureaucracy.”

He says “we need to pare down that massive hydro bureaucracy. They have 11,000 people in the hydro bureaucracy making ($100,000) a year. Can you believe that? Eleven thousand! Let’s reduce that dramatically and pass on the savings to ratepayers.”

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