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Tim Hudak’s education plan threatens Ontario’s economic future

The Ontario PC leader’s plan to make cuts to the province’s Full Day Kindergarten program will have devastating long-term consequences for our economic future.

Toronto Star,
May 20 2014

Like a record stuck in a bad groove, Tim Hudak relentlessly preaches that jobs and the economy are the defining issues of the current provincial election campaign. Ironically, he seems to be the only one out there who does not know that high quality education from the ground up is the essential ingredient for fostering a healthy economy.
Hoping that constant repetition of his mantra will fool the electorate, Hudak is selling an education plan whose mélange of false claims and incoherence would be obvious to any fifth-grader.

Hudak’s double-talking reaches a crescendo of dangerous superficiality when he vows to seriously cut Ontario’s Full Day Kindergarten (FDK) program that, until recently, he vowed to scrap.

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