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The whoppers in Tim Hudak’s “Truth” ad

Sun Media
June 3 2014

This is the latest ad from the Ontario Progressive Conservatives. They call it “Truth”. But in fact, it features their leader saying at least one thing that is demonstrably and unequivocally untrue and one other statement that is unlikely to be true. Let’s break it down by looking at two key claims Hudak makes early in this ad. (I’m assuming by now, you’ve watched the ad)

“The truth is that a million people in our province woke up this morning in our province without a job.”

Nope. Sorry. That’s not the truth. Not even close to the truth. In some joints, that would be a called a flat-out lie. I’ve already de-bunked this wildly incorrect claim at this blog. You can read that de-bunking here. But here’s the basics: Statistics Canada says that there are 555,000 Ontarians who want a job but do not have one. Not a million. About half that many. But, say some Hudak apologists, what about those who have a part-time job but really want a full-time job? To you I say: Whether or not they like the job they have, those people still “woke up this morning” with a job. The Hudak apologist will come back at me with this: What about those who have left the province to look for work? And to you I say, well then they didn’t “wake up this morning … in our province”, did they? And even more so, if they left our province to find work they probably have a job so they don’t count as waking up “without a job.”
Sorry, Hudak gang — you should just stop saying this because it’s just not true.

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