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Tim Hudak’s surgery may kill the patient

Haroon Siddiqui
Toronto Star
June 4 2014

Kathleen (“I’m the rookie”) Wynne lost the televised leadership debate Tuesday. At least she did not win. Tim Hudak did. Calm and confident, he conveyed what he wanted to — his Tea Party prescription of growing the economy by shrinking government.

He delivered the message with a smile and a forced folksiness, invoking his daughter, dad and granddad. He issued paeans to himself as an honest straight shooter: “I’m not going to be the best actor on the stage tonight,” whereas Wynne and Andrea Horwath “will tell you what you want to hear;” he was the “only one leader who has been honest,” while Wynne has been dishonourable and dishonest, “I thought you were an honourable person,” “Be honest with Ontarians.”

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