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Five reasons not to trust Tim Hudak

Conservative Leader Tim Hudak’s shaky math on jobs is just one reason he shouldn’t become Ontario’s premier.

John Cartwright
Toronto Star
June 5 2014

The latest scandal to envelope Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak should be enough to sink any self-respecting politician. Imagine boasting that you would create a million jobs, making it the central feature of your election program, and then seeing that promise torn to shreds by economists of every political stripe.
It seems Mr. Hudak, with a degree in economics himself, has manipulated the numbers by a factor of eight to arrive at his million jobs claim. The way it works with Hudak New Math is this – if you get a job and don’t get laid off for eight years… it counts as eight jobs! On the other hand, if you are unemployed from now to the year 2020 but then pick up a job for two years, it still counts as two jobs!

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